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Beaucerons Dogs

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HEIGHT: 60 - 70 cm
WEIGHT: 40 - 50 kg
LIFE EXPECTANCY: 13 -15 years
CHARACTERISTICS of the Beaucerons
Thanks to the work of migrating shepherds, this dog has acquired all the characteristics that can be expected of a great shepherd.
Easy to take care of; resistant to tough weather conditions. It's a very active dog that needs a lot o exercise and constant activity.
Needs understanding yet firm training; and it must be done in a constant manner, if its fighting instinct wants to be dominated, along with its insubordination which is typical of its character.
It's a dog with a lot of initiative, that isn't impressed easily by a herd, or will it get distracted with what is happening around, and is especially receptive to faithful training.
Despite what it seems, it is more than just an excellent guard & of arrogant style.
Has a decided look and powerful dynamism. But it can never be said of it, that it is aggressive and that the only thing it wants is to spend all day fighting.
It's impulsive, rough and heeds its master's signals only when they are clear.
Very concrete reactions: responds, takes action, and in most cases it anticipates. They always have the typical sheepdog behavior that responds the order or signal halfway while it's being said.
This speed in its reaction and collaboration with its master has been very valued for centuries. However, this behavior is interpreted differently depending on the breed.
It's strong and some what ordinary character is of slow development since it doesn't fully reach maturity until its 2 years old.
For decades, Beaux sheepdogs have been developing a combining character of prudence and audacity. Its audacity comes from its tasks, which it performs with the least of hesitations or indecision. On the other hand, this dog's prudence makes it be a very manageable, alert and observant dog. Truly, the Beaux sheepdog is able to gather all these skills.
DESCRIPTION of Beaucerons
Not only is it a strong, powerful and muscular animal, but also has a great deal or resistance.
Large sized dog, solid, rustic, powerful, well structured and muscular, without looking bulky.
Length in proportion to the body (2/5th of the cross height). Flat or slightly rounded skull. Medium not very visible, with a marked crease on the upper side of the skull, well featured face, with harmonious lines, without showing weakness. Not very distinct stop, at the same distance from the tip of the nose and the upper part of the skull.
Not wide or pointy. The lips should be closed, drip and always well colored; the upper lip should cover the lower one, without hanging.
They are strong, white & fit perfectly; the teeth of the upper jaw cover the bottom one while touching it. The jaw must be complete.
The truffle must be in relation to the snout, without being wide or too voluptuous, but well developed; black, shouldn't look faded. When seen from the side, must be in continuation of the lower lips.
They must always be dark, except dark hazel. Round shaped eyes, and slightly open making them look oval. Its look must be of a sheepdog; meaning, forthright, never malicious, scared or restless.
Placed high. If they are amputated, they have the straight, not divergent, pointing slightly to the front. A natural ear, must lean, but be flat and short; the length of a natural ear should be the same as half the length of the head. Just the same, a dog with amputated ears will surpass the one without.
The neck is muscular, well placed on the shoulders carrying its head proudly.
Its trunk is built very harmoniously without any of its areas being too short or long. The length of the body from the tip of the shoulder to the tip of the buttocks must be longer than the cross height by 1-1.5 cm on males and 1.5-2 cm on females. The chest is very wide, deep, false long flexible ribs; oblique slightly long shoulders, its back straight and wide, well marked cross, slightly inclined hindquarters but only in the sense of where the tail is placed, not too angled stifle joint, the leg is lightly backwards, strong low hock (not too close to the ground), with the leg forming a very wide angle, well aplomb back long bone right behind the tip of the buttocks, muscular and clear forearms, front and back extremities well aplomb in all its lines.
Well aplomb in all its lines.
Well aplomb in all its lines.
Strong, round, always black nails, hard yet elastic pads. Double spurs in the back feet and placed inwardly forming very separated toes from each other, very close the foot.
No sheepdog can be totally judged when standing. Its movement must be flexible, loose, with its extremities inline. The Beaux sheepdog must have a long stride.
Whole, carried low, at least to the tip of the hock, without diverting, forming a slight J shaped hook.
Very short on the head; strong short, thick and stuck to the body. 3 to 4 cm long. On the buttocks and bellow it should have short fringes. Under the overcoat of hair it should have a protecting layer, very short, fine, dense, very smooth, and preferably grey, very tight, which should never appear over the overcoat.
Black & fire
Very intense black; the fire color should be squirrel red. The fire spots are over the eyes, on the lower part of the snout, diminishing towards the cheeks without it reaching the ears, on the chest (two spots on the chest are allowed) on the throat and under the tail; on the extremities, the fire spots cover the feet, ankles and go up covering up to 1/3 of it.
In this case; the coat is well even gray and black or spots with more black than grey. The fire hue occupies the same areas as black and fire.
On males, the height varies between 65 to 70 cm to the cross. And 61 to 68 on females. With a tolerance of 2 cm under or 3 cm over.

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