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Defend - Dog Biting - Dog Attack Pepper Spray. Dog Repellent

Directstop ® Animal & Dog

Deterrent Spray

A Highly Effective, Safe and Humane Way to Deter Aggressive Animals!

stop dog attacksHere's how this Dog Repellent works:

The strong force of the spray when combined with the unique citronella odor provides the unexpected element of surprise. The attack is interrupted and the animal is distracted from the object of its aggression, thus giving valuable seconds to help the user retreat to a safe place.

Easy to use, just shake the can once a day prior to potential use, spray toward animal's nose until animal retreats. Each can contains approximately 12 one-second sprays at a range of up to 10 ft. and is highly effective in stopping low to medium- level aggression
Dog Repellent

Why it's better:

When tested with trained attack dogs, this revolutionary citronella formula was found to be just as effective as 10% pepper spray, yet without harmful side effects. Unlike pepper spray, DirectStop® does not cause pain; therefore,it will not increase aggression and can be used indoors. In addition, it won't injure the user or onlookers if spray blows back.

When to use:

DirectStop® is ideal to carry when cycling, running or walking with your family or pets. It is also, a great product for dog trainers, kennel staff, animal control officers, mail carriers and utility workers to carry instead of pepper spray. It is not only effective on dogs, but can also be used on cats, venomous snakes, raccoons, squirrels, opossums, etc.

When tested with trained attack dogs, this citronella formula was found to be just as effective as 10% pepper spray, without the harmful side effects. Unlike pepper spray, DirectStop does not cause pain, there-fore, it doesn’t heighten aggression. Plus, it won’t injure the user or onlookers if spray is accidentally "blown back" into the eyes.
Retail Clamshell Package Includes 1 can and beltclip Clip Strip of 6 Retail Clamshell Packages Bulk Cans - sold only in cases of 12
$13.00 $72.00 $120.00

DirectStop Holster / Belt Clip

Dog RepellentThis holster will help you keep Direct Stop® handy when you are running, biking or out for a walk with the family or pets. You can attach it to your belt, so it is quickly accessed should you be approached by an aggressive animal. The holster can be reused many times with your Direct Stop® refills.

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