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Dog Harness
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Gentle Spray
Designer Leashes

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Dog Obedience Harness

Gentle Leader ® Dog Headcollar & Harness

Dog Obedience HarnessTired of your dog taking you for a walk?®

More than one million dog owners have found the secret to stress-free walks.

Why dog owners love it ?

Immediately eliminates pulling on the leash. With the Premier Gentle Leader, when you steer the dog’s nose, you steer the body. It’s virtually impossible for a dog to drag you down the street when his head is turned to face you.

Size  $17.98 Color: 

Dog Obedience Harness
a. Gentle Leader Dog Headcollar

Packaged for dog owners already familiar with the fitting and uses of Gentle Leader. Includes: Gentle Leader Headcollar and Training Guide.    

Size  $17.98 Color: 

b. Gentle Leader Video Starter Kit

Especially packaged for dog owners who have never used Gentle Leader before or who are unfamiliar with how and why it works. Includes: Step-by-Step Training Video, Gentle Leader Headcollar, Matching 4-ft. Leash, Dog Training Guide, and “No! It’s Not a Muzzle” Button.

Size  $37.98 Color: 

c. Gentle Leader Complete System

Ideal for veterinary practices or one-on-one trainer consultations.Includes: Training and Behavior Problem Solving Booklet, Gentle Leader Headcollar, Matching 4-ft. Leash, 10-ft. Indoor Drag Line and “No, It’s Not a Muzzle” Button.

Size  $27.98 Color: 

d. Gentle Leader Headcollar Box

Space-saving small box works well for shelters and vet clinics.Includes: Gentle Leader Headcollar and Training Guide.    Currently unavailable
Why dogs love it ?

Eliminates uncomfortable pressure on the throat. It’s a positive, no-pain option for controlling your dog.

More cool gentle leader stuff

We offer free promotional brochures, as well as foam display heads, brochure holders, training videos, drag lines and buttons at a nominal charge.
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