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Break-Away Dog Collars

The KeepSafe Break-Away Collar is made from high-quality nylon webbing with a patented break-away safety buckle designed to protect dogs from collar injury. Rigorous laboratory and field testing done by veterinarians, trainers, and breeders has proven the buckle will release when dogs get themselves in situations where pressure is applied to the collar. The buckle is made from a Dupont nylon polymer which is known for its durability and its ability to hold up in rugged environments and harsh weather conditions.


Keepsafe Break-away Collars
Small 10-14" x 3/4" $15.00
Medium 14-20" x 3/4" $15.00
Medium 14-20" x 1" $15.00
Large 18-28" x 1" $15.00
X-Large 22-34" x 1" $15.00
The buckle is constructed to release when pressure is applied from various directions

To Reconnect after Emergency Release

Walking Your Dog

To walk with leash, fasten leash to BOTH D rings Attach ID tags to ONE D ring

Caution: To restrain your dog without a leash, grasp the collar with your hand around the Break-Away Buckle, otherwise the collar may release and your dog will be loose. If you anticipate certain situations will require frequent restraint, you may want to hold your dog by attaching the leash or choose a different collar style for the duration of that activity.

Fence: Occurs when peering over, jumping onto, or digging under.

Two dogs at play: Occurs when lower jaw of one dog becomes caught in the other's collar.

Crate: when ID tags become stuck in bars of crate (statistically same as 2 dogs at play.

Branches: happens when collar becomes tangled in brush/branches when playing outdoors

Heating/Cooling Air Vents: Occurs when ID tags become affixed to air vent

Dog Owner Awareness of Collar Injury/Strangulation

Veterinarians believe that only 1 in 4 dog owners are aware of the risks of collar injury or strangulation.

Break-Away Collar for Dogs

93% of veterinarians reported that they would recommend a break-away collar for dogs.

*An informal survey was conducted in January 2003 at the North American Veterinary conference of more than 100 veterinarians.

Popular Dog Collar Myths

Myths and Truths about Collars

Myth: Collars are designed to keep pets safe.

Truth: Traditional collars are great for holding identification tags and for training and restraining pets, but thousands of dogs die each year from being strangled by them.

Myth: Two dogs playing together is harmless fun.

Truth: Usually, yes, but one of the greatest risks of collar strangulation occurs when one dog's lower jaw becomes entangled in another's collar during play. The collar twists and tightens as both dogs panic and frantically try to free themselves from one another. Even when pet owners are supervising play, they often aren't able to undo or cut the collar in time to save their companion.

Myth: Crating my dog is a good way to keep him out of trouble.

Truth: Crating a dog can serve as a helpful house-training tool and protect home furnishings from damage, but even a crate isn't an absolute safe harbor for your pet. If your dog wears a collar in his crate, he is at risk for possible strangulation if the collar or identification tags become caught in the crate's bars.

Myth: My dog is a rough-and-tumble dog, and nothing gets in his way when he is chasing sticks or tracking game.

Truth: While games of fetch and outdoor activities are normally a good experience for both owner and pet, dog collars can get hung up on branches, shrubs or barbwire, which can cause serious injury or death to the animal.

Myth: My dog has a great safe haven in my fenced backyard because he can romp and play freely.

Truth: Although the backyard provides a great area for exercise and play, hidden dangers for your dog include shrubs, branches, fence posts and decks. There have been numerous reports of dog collars or tags becoming entangled on such objects.

The KeepSafeTM Break-Away Collar is specifically designed to help prevent dog-collar injuries and strangulations that can occur in the manners described above or in other situations.

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