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Gentle Spray Citronella Anti-Bark Dog Collars

The most effective and humane solution for nuisance barking

Stop problem barking now! Recommended by leading veterinarians, behaviorists and trainers. Gentle Spray uses patented technology to deliver a harmless burst of citronella spray that interrupts your dog's barking. The spray works with four of the dog's Zoom senses he sees it, hears it, smells it and feels it.

Twice as effective as electric shock

In a Cornell University Research study, the Gentle Spray Anti-Bark training Collar eliminated or significantly reduced nuisance barking. 88% of dogs responded to citronella, while only 44% of the dogs responded to shock. Additionally, the pain caused by shock collars cause may increase anxiety and aggression, and even make behavior problems worse.


Immediately and humanely stop barking now! Can be used with any breed of dog that is at least 6 months old and weighs 6 lbs. or more. Includes: anti-bark device (weighs 2.5 oz), citronella refill,adjustable nylon collar, two 6-volt batteries and detailed instructions.
User Instructions for Gentle Spray -Preparing the Anti-Bark Collar

Remove the keeper from the strap.

Orient the unit so that the two silver ports are facing up and the instruction decal and microphone are facing you.

Grasp the strap in your right hand by the end that does not have the ring attached. Before threading, make sure the D ring is facing outward. Thread the strap from front to back through the ear on the right side of the unit. Bring the strap around the backside (the side that has the Premier name on it), and then thread it back to front through the ear on the left side of the unit. Make sure you have not covered the microphone with the strap. Put the keeper back on the strap. The curved edge of the keeper should face the inside.

Now it's time to attach the quick snap to the strap. Feed the free edge of the strap into the slot that is closest to the center, starting on the inside of the curve. Next feed the free end through the slot on the edge of the quick snap.

Pass the loose strap through the keeper. When you have completed this section, the assembled collar should look as shown.

Fill The Anti-Bark Device With Citronella

Place the unit on a flat surface with the spray port and fill port facing up. Turn the citronella refill canister upside down and place the nozzle into the fill port. The fill port is the port with the larger opening. Using firm pressure, push down on the canister and hold for 20 seconds to fully fill the reservoir. (If you fill for less than 20 seconds, the unit may not be completely filled.) If spray is escaping as you attempt to fill, increase the downward pressure on the canister to get a better seal. You cannot overfill the device. When completely filled, there should be 18-23 sprays in your anti-bark unit.

Insert The Battery Into The Spray Device

Remove the battery door, and insert the battery making sure the "+" on the battery lines up with the "+" on the battery compartment. (figure 7) Replace the battery door. This device does not have an off/on switch by design. If the battery is in, the device is "listening." To prolong battery life, remove the battery anytime your dog is not wearing the collar.

Test The Anti-Bark Device By Blowing Into It

Before every use, it is best to test your unit by blowing into the microphone.

Getting Your Dog Acquainted With The Gentle Spray Dog Collar

Now it's time to put the collar on your dog. It is important to start this simple training process on a day when you will be at home with your dog so that you can monitor your dog's response and reward for quiet behavior.

Fit The Collar To Your Dog

Remove all other collars, then place the Gentle Spray Collar around your dog's neck with the microphone facing the dog's throat and spray valve directed toward the dog's muzzle.

Adjust the collar to fit like a regular collar. You should be able to slip 2 fingers under the collar. If the collar is too tight, the sound waves caused by your dog's barking will not be able to reach the microphone to trigger the spray. If the collar is too loose, the spray device may twist on the strap. After you are done fitting the collar, take it off your dog if you wish to cut off any excess strap length. Be sure to heat seal the end with a safety match or cigarette lighter to prevent fraying.

Caution: Do not leave your dog unattended wearing this collar until you have familiarized him to the collar and have determined that the collar is fitted and working correctly

First-time Use Of The Dog Collar

Put the collar on your dog making sure that the microphone is facing your dog's neck. A good way to observe your dog's response to the collar is to put him in a situation where he usually barks. Try having someone ring the doorbell or knock on the door (because most dogs bark when someone comes to the door).

When your dog barks, the collar will spray. Your dog will probably act a bit surprised and quiet down. He may jump to get away from the spray, and shake his head and sneeze. Do not yell "NO" or say anything when your dog barks. When your dog stops barking, say, "Good Quiet". When whatever causes your dog to bark is present, but when your dog is not barking, be sure to reward the quiet behavior with verbal praise "Good Quiet" and food reward.

To get your dog used to the collar on the first day, practice putting your dog in situations where he will bark and rewarding good behavior. (Ring the doorbell, go outside with him near squirrels, etc.) Many dogs will quickly ark again. Don't say anything or make eye contact when your dog barks. When he stops barking, reward the quiet behavior. If you say "Good Quiet" and give a treat, your dog will start to associate "Good Quiet" with not barking. After repeatedly pairing the quiet behavior with the words "Good Quiet". You can expect your dog to stop barking with a verbal request for "Quiet".

It is very important that you take the collar off and refill the unit with citronella before it runs dry. Otherwise you have taught your dog that if he is persistent, he will be rewarded by getting rid of the spray. To avoid this, the best routine to get into is to refill the anti-bark unit before every use. The collar holds 18-23 sprays.

Enjoy Your Quiet Dog

Your dog will quickly and painlessly learn that there is a consequence for barking. He should completely assimilate to the collar within a few days.

The Gentle Spray Anti-Bark Collar is the most effective tool to stop nuisance barking. We have received countless letters and calls from veterinarians, trainers and dog owners about how the product has solved their dog's barking problem and has dramatically improved the relationship with their dog.

We welcome your comments about the product. Feel free to e-mail us at

Where The Bark Control Dog Collar Can Be Used

The collar can be used anywhere you find your dog's prolonged nuisance barking to be a problem. The collar can be used in the yard, inside or on walks. Citronella is organic and nontoxic to humans, animals and the environment.

We strongly recommend that your dog is given free time without the collar to play and relax. This collar should not be left on dogs 24 hours a day.

Caution: Do not use this collar while your dog is swimming or exposed to prolonged water spray. This unit is water resistant, but not waterproof, and may stop working if submerged in water.

Removing The No Bark Dog Collar

Detach the collar with the quick-snap release. Remember to remove the battery after every use to maximize battery life.

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