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Schnauzer Dog Breed Information

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HEIGHT: depending on type - miniature or giant.
WEIGHT: depending on type- miniature or giant.
LIFE EXPECTANCY: 13 - 15 years
CHARACTERISTICS of Schnauzer Dog Breed
Qualified as the dog with a human brain, the Schnauzer is a guard by nature, regularly used by the army and police; it is always alert without showing nervousness.
It is calm, reflexive, very intelligent, inexhaustible attention, incredible quickness, great loyalty, courage, muscular force, resistance to weather conditions and diseases, with a especial predisposition to training.
The Schnauzer is divided into three sub-categories: the miniature, medium and giant schnauzer. Each one of these breeds is considered one on its own, but they have the same characteristics except for their size.
The word schnauzer means bearded snout, and it's because their big eyebrows and mustache is there most denoted physical characteristic.
It is happy, sure of itself, it has a steel will and a great sense of justice. It is also somewhat quarrelsome and requires good training.
It is characterized by its fidelity and a good companion for the children, with who it is very charming and playful.
With an extremely brave trait, it is bold, lively and excellent house guardian; even the miniature breed defends with great zeal.
Its uncommon look by the abundant eyebrows, mustache and beard requires proper grooming care to keep its distinguished and pleasant look.
DESCRIPTION of the Schnauzer Dog Breed
It is a robust, compact and slim dog; the medium sized one has hard hair and a daring look, acclaiming certain respect. This one as well as the giant one, the height to the cross is approximately the same as length of the trunk. Pointing out its courageousness and cold blood, along with its good character and its never wavering faithfulness to its master.
Robust and elongated, of rectangular appearance, with parallel sides. The occipital protrusion, is slightly marked, goes thinning out progressively from the height of the eyes to the tip of the nose.
It ends in a moderately obtuse angle. The truffle is black and voluptuous. The black lips are well stuck to the snout. Dark and oval eyes, directed forward.
Inserted high. Shaped like V and folded back, or very small and upright. Cut ears are symmetrical and are vertical.
Well placed and arched. Keeping a good proportion to the size of the dog. The neck is robust and convex. The neck's skin is tight without forming any wrinkles.
The chest is of moderate width, with flat ribs that give thorax an oval section. Short back, descending slightly from the cross.
Short, round, with tight toes arched upward.
There is pure black, the typical salt and pepper (combination of white and black hair), and gray which can go from metallic dark to silvery. White spots are not admitted.
Double coat. Outer hard hair, very rough and tight. The undercoat is wooly and dense. Not curly or twisted. The characteristic of this breed is rough beard on the snout and the overgrown eyebrows which cover the eyes slightly.
Inserted high. It is carried upward. It is normally cut at the third vertebrae.
The height of the schnauzer should be from 45 to 50 cm; and weight 15 kg.
The height of a miniature schnauzer should be from 30 to 35 cm; and weigh 8 kg.
The height of a giant schnauzer should be from 60 to 70 cm; and weigh 35 kg.

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